What kinds of affordable housing do these programs create?

The programs most typically call upon the developers simply to provide as affordable housing some percentage of the units being built as market housing.  No special demands are placed on the type of housing.

As a result, the affordable units typically will match the market units in size (number of bedrooms and square footage), tenure, building standard and overall mix.   So, if the market-rate units are provided as ownership units, then the affordable units typically will be as well.  And, if the market-rate units are small (or large) units, then the affordable units will also be in the same mix of sizes and types.

There might be a different level of  amenity provided in the two types of units.  Developers are required to finish the affordable units to a commonly accepted standard, but not to install high-end fixtures and fittings that might be found in their luxury units.

Otherwise, the key difference is that the affordable housing is provided at a price or rent substantially below the market value for the matching market units.

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