Mayor of Calgary endorses inclusionary zoning

Mayor Nenshi of Calgary supports bringing in mandatory inclusionary zoning to deal with the growing affordable housing crisis in the city.  He is the first big-city mayor in this country to favour inclusionary zoning so clearly.  He came to this position after trying but failing to encourage the development industry to help voluntarily through moral suasion.

As quoted in the Globe & Mail on 28 March 2014 ,“it’s [affordable housing is] the No.1 issue for us right now…. This kind of zoning must be part of the solution…. This is something where regulation is required. A total free market doesn’t work.”

The city does not have the authority to used mandatory inclusionary zoning, but there is a possibility that this could change since the province has opened the Municipal Government Act to review.

A report to the city’s Priorities and Finance Committee, containing a recommendation in support of  mandatory inclusionary zoning, passed unanimously on 26 February 2014.

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