Will the inclusionary housing programs stifle the development of market housing?

This question has been carefully researched in the US.  The empirical evidence there conclusively shows that there has been little to no impact on the production of market housing in the municipalities that have adopted inclusionary zoning programs.

There are various studies that have looked at this, including most notably two major studies undertaken by highly-regarded, non-partisan and university-based think tanks. Both examined the impact of zoning programs on housing price and on housing production by statistically analyzing the actual results coming out of many municipalities over many of years.

Both of these studies (and the others) separately came to the same conclusion noted above: namely, that inclusionary zoning has had no impact of any significance on the overall output of housing. Municipalities with inclusionary housing programs continued to build at a rate very comparable to municipalities without these programs.

Put another way, developers in a large number of communities have shown that they are able to adjust to the demands of these programs, and to continue to meet the need for new housing.

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