Richard Drdla is a Toronto-based affordable housing consultant that has been studying and writing about inclusionary housing practices, including specifically inclusionary zoning,  for roughly twenty years.   In that time, his professional engagement has been  focussed mainly on examining municipally-based regulatory ways of supporting the provision of affordable housing without relying on federal and provincial funding.  These include inclusionary zoning, as well as affordable ownership programs, housing trust funds, linkage fees, community land trusts, and others.   He can be reached at

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Brian Eng Has been involved in inclusionary housing issues for nearly ten years, since having worked at the Wellesley Institute.  He is continued this engagement while currently serving as a director of the Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto and of Social Planning Toronto.  He can be reached at

The Wellesley Institute is a Toronto-based non-profit organization that undertakes non-partisan research, policy-development and community-mobilization related to affordable housing and many other aspects of urban health. The Institute has been a strong advocate for inclusionary zoning and inclusionary housing practices for many year.   The Institute sponsored at major forum in Toronto in 2008 that attracted over 100 housing advocates as well as government policy makers and researchers. It established the initial version of this web site and funded much of the early research now presented on this one. See the Wellesley Institute web site.

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