The Daniels Corporation supports inclusionary zoning

Mitch Cohen and Martin Blake, president and vice-president respectively of the Daniels Corporation, a prominent Toronto-based development company, have both recently and separately endorsed the use of inclusionary zoning

In an article, entitled “A perfect storm to take action on affordable housing” in the Toronto Star on 24 December 2014, Cohen identified inclusionary zoning as:

“the most important tool in the affordable housing tool box.  Inclusionary zoning on a city-wide basis creates a level playing field, an opportunity for a constructive partnership between municipalities and private sector developers to create both affordable ownership and rental homes within every new building approved for construction. … The development industry will undoubtedly object …[but] after an initial outcry, creative minds will turn to implementation, to making it happen.”

On CBC Radio on 27 November 2014, in response to questions about the Milcyzn bill before the Ontario legislature and inclusionary zoning generally,  Blake said:

“I always thought that it was a great movement for affordable housing. It is wonderful to hear that we might get to the point that we are actually creating affordable housing again in Toronto …. This is something that is absolutely necessary to ensure that Toronto is for everybody”.

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