Newspaper Articles (26 May 2015):  Social Planning Toronto looks at inclusionary zoning

This article reviews the panel discussion hosted by Social Planning Toronto on 21 May 2015 to discuss the opportunities and challenges presented by inclusionary zoningf or the City of Toronto . It was attended by over 100 people to hear four panelists:  Jennifer Keesmaat (Chief Planner for the City of Toronto), Remo Agostino (Vice-President for the Daniels Corporation), Michael Shapcott (long-time housing and homelessness advocate), and Richard Drdla (affordable housing consultant and inclusionary zoning advocate).

The Toronto Star (5 May 2015): Affordable housing – an obvious fix

In this editorial, the Toronto Star called for the Province to pass legislation authorizing the use of inclusionary zoning, describing it as an “essential” and “a long overdue and obvious reform”.

The Toronto Star (30 April 2015):  Make developers dedicate space for affordable housing

Mike Layton, Toronto City Councillor, wants the City and the Province to back inclusionary zoning so that all developers will be required to devote a set number of units as affordable housing.

The Toronto Star (11 April 2015):  Three paths to mixed-income neighbourhoods

This article sees the need for more mixed-income neighbourhoods to reduce polarization in Toronto, and identifies inclusionary zoning one of the key ways of achieving that.

The Toronto Star (24 December 2014):  A perfect storm to take action on affordable housing

Mitch Cohen, President of the Daniels Corporation, a prominent Toronto-based private development company, endorses inclusionary zoning, calling it “the most important tool in the affordable housing tool box”.

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