Momentous Breakthrough in Ontario

Ontario has passed key legislation authorizing municipalities in the Province for the first time to use inclusionary zoning.  The lack of legislated authority was the principal obstacle to the use of these provisions here.

The legislation, entitled the Promoting Affordable Housing Act, was passed on 6 December 2016 and received Royal Assent on 8 December.  (Read the legislation.)

The inclusionary zoning provisions were enacted through amendments to the Planning Act.   The regulations necessary to put the provisions into effect have not been released by the Province.

The new legislation was first introduced on 18 May 2016.   At the time, the Minister stated that “enabling municipalities to use tools like inclusionary zoning supports our vision of an Ontario where every person has access to an affordable, suitable and adequate home.”

These provisions followed the commitment made in the Province’s  Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy Update released in March 2016 that first called for the implementation of inclusionary zoning.  (Read the strategy)

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