What makes an effective program?

The experience in the US shows that to be fully effective IZ programs should incorporate a number of key aspects.  These aspects deal with how the rules in IZ programs should be framed and approached rather than with what specifically should be in … [Read more...]

Chicago IL: Affordable Requirements Ordinance

This mandatory inclusionary zoning program, adopted in 2007 and revised in 2015, is unlike most programs in that it has been designed primarily to secure fees-in-lieu rather than affordable units, and particularly those built on-site in mixed-income … [Read more...]

Momentous Breakthrough in Ontario

Ontario has passed key legislation authorizing municipalities in the Province for the first time to use inclusionary zoning.  The lack of legislated authority was the principal obstacle to the use of these provisions here. The legislation, … [Read more...]

New York NY: ‘Mandatory Inclusionary Housing’

INTRODUCTION The city’s new mandatory inclusionary program – called the Mandatory Inclusionary Housing Program (MIH) – was passed in March 2016. It is one part of the new mayor’s multi-pronged housing plan, called “Housing New York”, aimed at … [Read more...]

Density Bonusing

Density Bonusing Density bonusing has been long identified with inclusionary zoning, but it is time for this association to be severed.  Simply put, density bonusing represents an ineffective and generally inappropriate approach to inclusionary … [Read more...]

Rick Jacobus: Inclusionary Housing – Creating and Maintaining Equitable Communities; National Community Land Trust Network, Cornerstone Partnership and Lincoln Institute of Land Policy; 2015. This report provides a good overall review of the … [Read more...]


Who Pays?

Who pays for the affordable housing provided under inclusionary zoning is a key question.  The provision does not come free. The requirement for developers to provide housing at less than its full market value creates a cost burden that must be … [Read more...]

Ontario supports Inclusionary Zoning

In Ontario’s Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy Update, released on 14 March 2016, the provincial government announced its intent to pass “legislation for inclusionary zoning that would enable municipalities to mandate the inclusion of affordable … [Read more...]

Radio broadcasts

CBC Metro Morning (5 May 2015) Richard Drdla fields various questions about inclusionary zoning. http://www.cbc.ca/metromorning/episodes/2015/05/05/inclusionary-zoning/ CBC Metro Morning (27 November 2014) Martin Blake, Vice-President of … [Read more...]

Newspaper Articles

InsideToronto.com (26 May 2015):  Social Planning Toronto looks at inclusionary zoning This article reviews the panel discussion hosted by Social Planning Toronto on 21 May 2015 to discuss the opportunities and challenges presented by inclusionary … [Read more...]