Case Studies – American

Chicago IL:  Affordable Requirements Ordinance This program, adopted in 2007 and revised in 2015, has been designed primarily to secure fees-in-lieu rather than affordable units built on-site in mixed-income developments. The affordable housing … [Read more...]

New York NY: ‘Mandatory Inclusionary Housing’

INTRODUCTION The city’s new mandatory inclusionary program – called the Mandatory Inclusionary Housing Program (MIH) – was passed in March 2016. It is one part of the new mayor’s multi-pronged housing plan, called “Housing New York”, aimed at … [Read more...]

Chicago IL: ‘Affordable Requirements Ordinance’

Chicago, with a population of 2.8 mil,  is now the largest jurisdiction with an inclusionary zoning program.  Adopted in 2007 against opposition from its then powerful mayor, this program represents a compromise that falls short of what the … [Read more...]

San Francisco CA : ‘Residential Inclusionary Affordable Housing Program’

San Francisco, a city of 750,000, adopted its first program in 1992, making it the first big city to do so.  This program has been substantially changed and modified over the years, generally to make it more demanding and productive.  It is notable … [Read more...]

Davis CA : ‘Affordable Housing Program’

Davis, a small city of 65,000 in northern California, is well-known for its progressive planning and environmental policies.  Their program, first passed in 1977, was subsequently enhanced twice.  It is  notable for its efforts to provide a fuller … [Read more...]

Montgomery County MD : ‘Moderately Priced Housing Program’

Montgomery County, a large and fast-growing county of 950,000 outside of Washington DC, adopted its initial program in 1971, making it among the first in the country.    It also might be the single most productive program in the country.  Despite its … [Read more...]

Burlington VT : ‘Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance’

Burlington, a small city of 40,000 in northern Vermont, is acclaimed for many progressive affordable housing initiatives that it has adopted.  Its inclusionary program, first adopted in 1990 and modified once since then,  draws upon and incorporates … [Read more...]

Boston MA : ‘Inclusionary Development Policy’

Boston, a city of 600,000, established its program in 2000 by executive order of its  mayor, and modified it on several occasions since then.   It nominally applies only to new developments needing a re-zoning approval, but in reality affects  all … [Read more...]