Case Studies – Canadian

Overview of Three Canadian Inclusionary Practices Three major Canadian cities – Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver – have enacted inclusionary housing policies.  Although different in some ways, the policies share a number of key features that … [Read more...]

Montreal QC: ‘Inclusionary Housing Strategy’

This strategy – called a ‘strategy for inclusion of affordable housing in new residential projects’ – was adopted by the city in August 2005.  Its goal is to provide housing for a mix of  income brackets in all new large housing developments.  This … [Read more...]

Vancouver BC: ‘20% Core Need Housing Policy’

The city introduced its inclusionary housing program in 1988 through a policy initially called its ‘20% core need housing policy’, but now more commonly its ‘non-market housing policy’.  The policy was initially designed to provide social housing for … [Read more...]

Toronto ON: ‘Large Sites Policy’

Toronto’s inclusionary housing policy is found in housing policy 9 of its Official Plan. The policy is commonly called the ‘large sites policy’ because it applies only to sites greater than 5 ha in size. To date, this policy has not been used to … [Read more...]