What makes an effective program?

The experience in the US shows that to be fully effective IZ programs should incorporate a number of key aspects.  These aspects deal with how the rules in IZ programs should be framed and approached rather than with what specifically should be in … [Read more...]

Density Bonusing

Density Bonusing Density bonusing has been long identified with inclusionary zoning, but it is time for this association to be severed.  Simply put, density bonusing represents an ineffective and generally inappropriate approach to inclusionary … [Read more...]

Who Pays?

Who pays for the affordable housing provided under inclusionary zoning is a key question.  The provision does not come free. The requirement for developers to provide housing at less than its full market value creates a cost burden that must be … [Read more...]


In this section, various contentious issues related to inclusionary zoning are addressed.  These include the following:  whether inclusionary zoning has an adverse impact on the price and/or production of market housing; whether voluntary … [Read more...]