Councillor Layton pushes for inclusionary zoning

On 6 May 2015, Mike Layton, Toronto City Councillor, put forward a motion to City Council requesting staff develop a strategy for the City to implement inclusionary … [Read more...]

The Toronto Star endorses inclusionary zoning

In an editorial on 5 May 2015, entitled Affordable Housing - An Obvious Fix, the Toronto Star called for the Province to pass legislation authorizing the use of inclusionary zoning, describing it as an “essential” and “a long overdue and obvious … [Read more...]

The Daniels Corporation supports inclusionary zoning

Mitch Cohen and Martin Blake, president and vice-president respectively of the Daniels Corporation, a prominent Toronto-based development company, have both recently and separately endorsed the use of inclusionary zoning In an article, entitled “A … [Read more...]

Richard Florida supports inclusionary zoning

Richard Florida, director of the Martin Prosperity Institute at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, wrote in the Toronto Star on 30 November 2014 an article titled ‘How the new mayor can repair Toronto’.  In that article, while … [Read more...]

Mayor of Calgary endorses inclusionary zoning

Mayor Nenshi of Calgary supports bringing in mandatory inclusionary zoning to deal with the growing affordable housing crisis in the city.  He is the first big-city mayor in this country to favour inclusionary zoning so clearly.  He came to this … [Read more...]

Who supports inclusionary zoning in Ontario?

City of Toronto, Ontario Town of Collingwood Ontario Regional Planning Commissioners of Ontario City of London, Ontario Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association City of Thunder Bay, Ontario Conference Board of Canada Town of Milton, … [Read more...]